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Advanced Token Actions


I presented a design concept called Token Actions that makes crypto easier to use by removing the concept of dapps and attaching actions directly to tokens. Token Actions are extensible, so they work on groups of tokens as well as individual tokens. We are going to cover 6 advanced Token Actions to see how users would interact with more complex DeFi protocols.



Use ETH as collateral to borrow LUSD. LUSD is an overcollateralized stablecoin.



DEGEN + ETH pair that rewards you in AERO tokens. AERO is the governance token for the Aerodrome decentralized exchange.



Lock SHIB and ETH in a pair. This facilitates self-custody trading by providing liquidity for users to swap their tokens for yours



MAXI + BASE + TRIO + LUCKY + DECI pool. This operates similarly to an index, maintaining a ratio of the elements in the pool for the Maximus DAO perpetual contracts.


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Token Actions


Every application in crypto starts by showing you a list of tokens. The problem is that these apps leave it up to the user to figure out what actions can be performed on those tokens, identify the protocols that enable these actions, and find the correct (and safe) websites to interact with the protocols.

The current interaction model is:

Token → Dapp → Protocol → Action → Token

Dapp Protocol Actions Token Uniswap V2/V3 Swap/Provide Liquidity ERC20s XEN Crypto Mint/Stake/Burn XEN AAVE v3 Lend/Borrow ERC20s

This model is unfriendly to new users who may not know the best protocols to use. It also forces users to switch contexts from the current token they’re viewing to finding a dapp, and then locating their tokens after multiple steps.

Token Actions solve this by reversing the interaction model, focusing on the token and the actions...

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dApp Bankruptcy


In 2013 when I first got into Crypto, the main program you used was a wallet and it was very simple. You send tokens and look at your balance. Since Bitcoin was the only token I was holding, I really didn’t need anything more than a balance.

By 2016, more and more coins were gaining popularity. All of a sudden you were holding multiple tokens like Dash, Monero, and Litecoin. This meant that you had to go from one asset to multiple assets. During this time, sites like CoinMarketCap became really popular.

2017 really changed everything with the explosion of ERC20s. Now that anyone could make a coin, there were new coins popping up faster than any centralized service could keep up with them. The main thing going for ERC20s was that they were still just tokens that had a balance and a price on a centralized exchange.

In 2019, Uniswap v2 changed everything again. Now, every ERC could...

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Farcaster Meme Coins

This is a timeline of the Farcaster meme coin scene.

Warps (Nov 2023)

This is a Farcaster/Warpcast native token that emerged around the time when other platforms were creating offchain points systems. Companies are adopting this approach as a way to circumvent paying royalties to Apple and Google, as well as to avoid scrutiny from the SEC for selling a security.
Other examples similar to warps include Blast Points, Rainbow Points, Points, Rabby Points, etc. All these types of points cannot be traded on decentralized exchanges, and their use is completely controlled by the issuer.

Crypto natives dislike this since crypto was invented to remove middle men and counterparty risk.

$POINTS (Ethereum — Dec 2023)

In response to these companies creating offchain points systems, a person named Mathias on Farcaster introduced an onchain...

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Bitcoin ETF

A lot of people have been asking for my thoughts on the ETF and what I think it will do to the price of crypto.

To get the answer, we need to travel back to 1978 when Congress passed the Revenue Act. This bill included Section 401(k), which provided employees a tax-free way to defer compensation from bonuses or stock options.

In crypto, the mechanics would be:

Stake • Hold until 59½ • Early End Stake Penalty of 10%

The reason this is significant is that regular Americans are handing their money over to administrators who are buying assets. This means that even if your neighbor thinks crypto is a scam, there’s a chance they are indirectly buying. To understand how this ETF will impact crypto, we need to consider two questions:

  1. Where do 401(k) administrators deploy the money?
  2. What happens to the assets that receive this money once it gets there?

Stock Market

Answer 1: In the...

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The Sovereign Ratio

Measuring the New Power Metric

Have you ever considered what truly determines your ability to influence the world around you? Beyond wealth and status, there lies a concept poised to redefine personal empowerment: the Sovereign Ratio.

The Sovereign Ratio is a metric that quantifies your capacity to act independently and shape your environment. It’s a balance between being bound by external forces and standing sovereign amidst life’s chaos.

At the heart of the Sovereign Ratio are six core pillars:

  • Economic Stability: Your financial freedom and resilience.
  • Political Influence: Your voice and power in civic affairs.
  • Social Connectivity: Your network’s strength and your societal impact.
  • Emotional Equilibrium: Your psychological well-being and emotional intelligence.
  • Health Stability: Your physical health and access to healthcare.
  • Educational Foundation: Your knowledge base and...

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Age Of Suggestion

The battle for consumer’s attention is increasing and winning products will be the ones that provide relevant and accurate suggestions.

In the late 90’s there were over 20 search engines categorized by different dynamics and chracretists. Some were manually curated and others used web crawlers to create a graph of links between websites. Regardless of the technique used to build the search index, users of the engines were responsible for typing the question they wanted to answer for. Today we know that the winner from the last 20 years of search is Google.

As we transitioned through the early 2000’s, search was infused into every product. Napster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube all built amazing companies around allowing users to create, share and search content. Today more than half of the world is online increasing the number of content creators, bots, and...

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Rebuilding My Favorite Messaging App

In December of 2019, TapStack shut down. I discovered TapTalk (TapStack) in 2014 during the rise of a handful of quick-shot messaging apps (Yo era). My face is even in a screenshot from a TechCrunch article by Mike Butcher in 2014. There were three things that immediately attracted me to the product.

The first was privacy. TapTalk did not have a public feed where people could like, comment, heart, favorite, repost, upvote, and amplify. The network was only for people that you already knew which made it great for sharing personal and private messages.

The second was speed. Sending a tap was faster (still faster) than any other messaging platform. Instagram and Snapchat rely on post-production filters and editing before sharing your messages. TapTalk inverted this model by placing the editing up front. Pre-production creates a quick message composition workflow for sending messages using...

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The Tesla API

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 5.24.11 PM.png

To create my own Mobile Application, I need to figure out Tesla’s API. Since I am more familiar with iOS and Apple ecosystem, I am going to use tools I have at my disposal to try and figure out what API’s are available.

My Toolset

  • iMazing2 - This application makes it easy to download the .ipa files from Apple’s servers.
  • Charles Proxy - This is a proxy server that can be used to inspect network calls coming from your mobile device.
  • Hopper - This is a disassembler that allows you to reverse engineer compiled binaries.


In order to reverse engineer the Tesla API, I need to figure out what API the current mobile app uses. I have version 3.4.3 installed on my phone so I started with that App.

  1. Use iMazing to Download the Tesla 3.4.3.ipa
  2. Rename the Tesla 3.4.3.ipa to Tesla
  3. Unzip Tesla
  4. cd into the Payload/
  5. List files

Now that we are in...

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Tesla Mobile Experience


In June 2018 I parked my Model X to charge it and as I went to unlock the charger, the doors and charge port closed and locked. The key fob died entirely so the vehicle assumed nobody was present. This is usually not a problem because you can use the mobile app to unlock the vehicle, but my phone was also inside on the charger. The other thing that was inside the vehicle was my 18 month old son.

At this point, I ran around the vehicle trying to unlock all of the doors. Thankfully, I have a second work phone and I was able to call Tesla to remotely unlock my vehicle. I later learned that there is passive access if your key dies at the base of the driver side B-pillar. After calling Tesla, I called my wife and told her our son was locked in the vehicle and I was waiting on a call back from Tesla.

Funny enough, my son thought I was playing a game by running around the vehicle...

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