Advanced Token Actions


I presented a design concept called Token Actions that makes crypto easier to use by removing the concept of dapps and attaching actions directly to tokens. Token Actions are extensible, so they work on groups of tokens as well as individual tokens. We are going to cover 6 advanced Token Actions to see how users would interact with more complex DeFi protocols.

Borrow #


Use ETH as collateral to borrow LUSD. LUSD is an overcollateralized stablecoin.

Farm #


DEGEN + ETH pair that rewards you in AERO tokens. AERO is the governance token for the Aerodrome decentralized exchange.

Pair #


Lock SHIB and ETH in a pair. This facilitates self-custody trading by providing liquidity for users to swap their tokens for yours

Pool #


MAXI + BASE + TRIO + LUCKY + DECI pool. This operates similarly to an index, maintaining a ratio of the elements in the pool for the Maximus DAO perpetual contracts.

Stake #


DXN Stake with DXN + ETH rewards. DXN is a self-inflating token that pays out dividend rewards in ETH.

Vote #


Purple DAO NFT. This NFT is used for governance to proliferate and expand the Farcaster protocol and ecosystem.


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