The Tesla API

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To create my own Mobile Application, I need to figure out Tesla’s API. Since I am more familiar with iOS and Apple ecosystem, I am going to use tools I have at my disposal to try and figure out what API’s are available.

My Toolset #

Process #

In order to reverse engineer the Tesla API, I need to figure out what API the current mobile app uses. I have version 3.4.3 installed on my phone so I started with that App.

  1. Use iMazing to Download the Tesla 3.4.3.ipa
  2. Rename the Tesla 3.4.3.ipa to Tesla
  3. Unzip Tesla
  4. cd into the Payload/
  5. List files

Now that we are in the application bundle, there are two files that are notable and important.

  1. env.json - This has a lot of great information we need. The API endpoint, the OAuth client and secret, and web socket streaming API endpoint.
  2. ownerapi_endpoints.json - A list of all of the endpoints for Tesla’s products.

Documentation #

With this information I will start documenting the API endpoints. My documentation will be a mix of existing documentation, disassembly, and network traffic sniffing. All of the documentation will be available on this site which I’m using to keep track of all of the endpoints:

If you are in the development community and want to help by contributing your findings to the API, there are two ways to help:

  1. GitBook directly on
  2. GitHub on

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